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Christmas Gifts For Her

Christmas Gifts For Her

Shopping for the holidays is so hard and stressful. I am going to be sharing a weekly guide for shopping for your loved ones, during this holiday season! We are your one stop shop for all pet needs, and that is including dog parents. 

Functional and fun gifts are the perfect combination. Our dog mom walking bag, is the ultimate gift! Feel safe by being able to carry pepper spray, your keys and phone on walks, while having a discrete waste bag dispenser! 

Dog Mom Walking Bag

We are all crazy (dog moms) here, right? Snag our "dog mom" accessories for daily life. Our Dog Mom bracelet is 14k gold, so it won't tarnish! Top seller this month, our Do Good, Be Kind, Pet Dogs, Repeat T-Shirt is perfect for a secret Santa, and under $30. Dog moms, also love cups right? We are women, we all love more cups. The iconic Dog Mom glass cup is a perfect stocking stuffer. 

Dog Mom Bracelet

Dog Mom Cup

Do Good, Be Kind, Pet Dogs, Repeat T-Shirt

When purchasing candles or essential oils, make sure they are dog safe. Certain chemicals are not safe for dogs to be around and have up their sniffers! We are so glad we found dog safe candles, that also help reduce the odor smells! This Christmas scent also might be my personal favorite. 

White Birch Candle


Check back next week for another gift guide! Happy Holiday Shopping!


Catherine Marie

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